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🥇Makita RT0701C 1-¼ Hp Wood Compact Router review

If you are into doing your own carpentry work, it is obvious you will need tools that are portable, efficient, strong and powerful. Tools that are reliable and can do the job somewhere near your expectations. So, to talk about building shelves and working with wood, you will definitely end up needing a compact router. Here we are going to talk about the Makita RT0701C compact router which is one of the best for a job well done. This Makita router will definitely be helpful for people who are trying to work on their own and making an effort to build something by themselves.

RT0701C 1-¼ Hp Wood Router: Review analysis

As the name suggests it is a compact router, which means it is lighter and more profitable than the other professional level routers. But this does not mean that it is not as efficient and as powerful. Though it may lack in power and efficiency when compared to the bigger and stronger ones, it still does the job pretty well.

The Makita router is backed with one 1-¼  horsepower which is surely a lot compared to its size and it also comes with a variable speed dial ranging from 10000 to 30000 RPM, which is a lot of rpm. It can easily trim your wood and can be used on even the hardwood. It comes with a lot of routing applications. The rack-and-pinion fine depth adjustment mechanism provides for a lot of precision in the work and along with fast release lock system for easy death adjusting, removal of the base allows it to be used in different situations and varieties of routing techniques to get different types of edges on your wood. And also it comes with double insulation and a heavy-duty aluminum motor housing which gives it a boost in durability.

Makita Router RT0701C Specifications

Model Number:Makita rt0701c
Motor:6.5A, 120W
Collet Size:1/4″
No Load Speed:10,000 – 30,000 RPM
Maximum Horsepower:1.25
Base:Fixed Base
Tool Dimensions10″ x 8″ x 6″
Tool Weight:3.9 lbs

Main Features of Makita RT0701C Router

  • Really powerful motor for better performance with comparison to the models in the same category.
  • An adjustable speed control mechanism which comes to the dial that can be used 2 you have a speed which varies from 10000 to 30000 RPM.
  • A slim and compact body which is specially designed to give you more comfort and better control.
  • The base is according to the standard industry template guides.
  • There is a smooth micro-adjustment system for fine depth adjustment and precision settings.
  • Shaft lock which allows for fast and easier bit changes.
  • An option for or multiple bases- plunge and fixed base.

So the whole package includes a straight guide, two wrenches (13 and 22 mm) and the router itself.

Anything Better?

Comparing it to the other models of a similar compact router this one has more power in a smaller size it is more durable than other models as per the reviews of the user. It also comes with a guide that can be easily installed in it for better precision during trimming and cutting. The depth scales are easier to read in this one when we compare to the older models of the same router or a similar router of other brands.

Soft Start System

The soft-start system that is provided in the router cannot be found in most others out there for the same price range. It is a premium feature which allows minimizing the damage done to your material when starting the trimming or whatever you are going to do. It starts the router softly and then gradually increases the speed of the router so you can have better control over your work.


The model mentioned here has a decent horsepower which can easily trim, cut or anything you wish to do with the router on softwood as well as hardwood. Although it cannot be compared to the stronger versions, it is still decent if your working at your home or even to some extent can be used for professional-level work if done properly.

Multiple bases

  1. The plunge base that can be used to make holes in a word. 
  2. The fixed base for the usual trimming and similar applications so it is a lot of options in one price range.

Depth Adjustment

This compact router allows is up to 1-⅜” which is very decent when working with a plunge base and can go even better with a fixed base. And the adjustment is much smoother and finer than the others. You can customize your own dept settings as per your need or experiments and does not force you to work with an already set depth setting.

And the cam lock system in it allows you to very easily change the base by simply pressing down the button and removing the base which was already attached to the router install the new one within minutes.

Final Words

Finally, this makita router is affordable and the price is really low when we compare it to the other models of different brands that provide less horsepower and features for a higher price. This makita rt0701c model comes with more features, higher durability which is a very important point when you are buying a tool for carpentry work since you cannot have one which is unreliable to break down in the middle of your work. And so for this price, you get decent durability and reliability, plus it comes with a warranty so you can easily get it fixed even if it breaks during that warranty period. So it is an economical router as far as the prices concert and strong one as far as the performances are concerned.

So if you want to go for a router that is portable reliable and can do the job well then nothing is better than the Makita RT0701C compact router in this price range or the in this model range in the market. It won’t disappoint you in any way.

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