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29 Astonishing Koi Ponds Ideas for Backyard | Trending 2020

We all wish to have a garden where we can relax for some time, the plants dancing when the breeze comes,  the fragrance of the flowers that take away your mind, the birds creeping and you have a small pond with many fishes floating here and there, seeing them so relaxed will make you so cozy and comfortable. If you wish to own such a garden for you, then relax its very easy. All you have to plan the type of garden you wish to have. Would it be simple or fancy? That’s your choice. Join the article and read it till the end.

Here we provide you some of the ideas that will help you know more and help you create a customized garden and koi pond for you. So let us move forward.

Popular Koi Pond Ideas (Above Ground Pond)

Twinkling ponds

Just imagine you are under the sky even the sun said goodbye and you are in your garden after a long day. The lights from your ponds are attracting you towards them. You see the fishes floating with their extreme energy and are enjoying. How relaxed you will. Thinking of it gives extreme pleasure, so why not try it in real. This idea of lighting will give a nice and a new look to your garden and ponds.

Wealth out of waste

Many of us consider waste things like waste and never think that it can be reused. But there are possibilities when waste can be wealth to us. For this idea, do find the things that are not in use but can be used in the garden. For example, you can use your damaged bathtubs, buckets, baskets some other sets of accessories that are not used to you but for the gardening purpose, they will be fitted well.

Its ornaments time

We all have seen many gardens where the addition of artificial waterfalls and stones is normal, but this time we will be decorating our gardens and ponds with some customized ornaments that will give a different look to your garden and ponds. Also, use showpieces that will add more essence to your ponds. 

Under the bridge

When it comes to properly set up garden the most preferred way is under the bridge hack. One of the best and most likable thing to décor your pond and garden is to set pond under the bridge. It gives a fancy look to your pool and is very attractive.

Reshape your pond

There are some common shapes that we give to our ponds. But not this time, as it’s time to try something new. Giving your koi ponds a different shape of your choice. There are numerous methods that you can opt to bring a change in your garden. That is supposed to be done by you. N numbers of shapes are there. You can give any shape of your choice.

Backyard theme

It’s time for a different concept. If you have a spacious backyard at your place then this idea is for you. You can customize your backyard accordingly. Here you can set up a koi pond along with some chairs and a bridge connecting the other end. This is somewhere you can relax when it’s time to do. This idea is unique and quite good for practice.

The waterfall is a theme

If nothing goes, this is the one that goes into every situation. Waterfalls are elegant and sober. They are always used when nothing fits the area. You can try them and use some other materialistic things also to give a different look to your koi ponds. Filling up space by waterfalls is damn good.

Bamboo style

The most simple yet stylish is the bamboo style. This looks very decent and goes with any type of garden. It is simple and gives a great look to your garden. So if your house is going to be a guest home then give this idea a try as not much hard-work is needed for this idea. And it completely satisfies all.

Tires are always the best

Whether its a talk about sittings or some decorative material, tires fit everywhere. If you are looking for something cheap and you are having a lot of tires at home then do give it a try. This hack will give a new look to your garden plus its pocket-friendly so do try it.

Rusting theme

It’s in trend to live in nostalgia and to feel that in reality, rusting theme in a way to that. This theme gives a new and extremely different look to your garden. This is liked by many and is seen in many places. So if you want to try something out of a box then this hack is an amazing option to choose.

One place destination

If you are highly addicted to gardening and nature, if you want everything to be just perfectly set, then make up all the things in one place with highly decent materials along with the ponds and plants. Design it yourself or you can hire a designer for this. Do give it a try.

Artificial koi ponds

Many people prefer artificial ponds for their place. That’s a good option too. Everything will be well organized. If you have a good budget to bring such a change then it’s a good way to resolve. As they look fancy and quite attractive, most of the people prefer it.


You will always observe great and customized things happening everywhere. In this quickly changing world, the needs and ideas are changing very soon. Who thought that gardening could be possible inside the four walls. But now it is possible to do that. There are various methods that you can use. Do give it a try. The house looks pretty and much better. 

Low budgets

Running out of money and hoping for something good then check out this one. Here you can use all the utensils and other waste material present at your home. In place of some décor products try to create your own designed tools to décor your house. Try to find drums and buckets at your house and develop something best out of it.

Walking on water

Sounds interesting! Have you ever tried to walk on water? Don’t consider me a fool. We are living in the 21st century. Everything is possible here. Some methods can be used through which you can walk on water but not directly. Consider a bridge which is partially divided into various footsteps. That will be installed in your pond and you will love it. This is very simple and gives a pretty look.

Properly set

Most of the people love to be very organized and set up everything properly. For them, it is better to bring all things together. Some of the ponds and gardens are so well managed that they adore us. Looking at them brings peace to minds.

A natural setup

Choices always vary from person to person. Some people love artificial on the other hand some love natural. So for the nature lover, in this hack, you have to set everything which is natural. You can decorate things with small pebbles and stone you can customize your stones and you can add many more things that are related to nature.

At entrance

It’s very classy to have a garden at the entrance which is well arranged and gives a great look to all who visit your place. It gives a great impression of your lifestyle. If the garden and the koi pond are properly managed then it is going to leave a great impact. You can customize your garden according to your desire.

Fountains koi pond

The most beautiful and attractive thing that gives your pond a nice look is a fountain. Not from today, fountains have been used for ages and nobody gets bored with it. Do try it out if nothing fits in your koi ponds and try to decorate it with many other kinds of stuff to bring the best out of it.

Small area koi pond

If you have a small area and you wish to have a small pond there then you can use this hack for this. All you need to do is install small-small accessories as required by your area. You can make a small pond there and set up a small garden. Just simply look for the things that you can bring up together in a small place to set up your pond and that’s it.

Transparent glass way

Another different and stylish hack that can bring a change in your living area is you can have transparent enclosed glass, where you can keep your koi fishes and can have look from anywhere.

Rocky Mountain theme

If you want to have a mountain sort of look then do try this. Bring all the rock stones bigger in size and adjust them near to your pond making them look good. Give them a natural look and that’s it.

Water shower

Another out of the box hack, that will help you give your koi pond a different look and that is a water shower. You can install a shower at the top of the pond and near the plants that will shower water. It looks good and will give your garden and koi pond a different look.

Creating puddle

If you don’t want to prepare for many things and are happy in just a small pond then you can create a puddle that will have limited but a nice setup. You can decorate that puddle with some aquatic plants and of course, the koi fishes.

Room to the garden

Some people love to start their day with nature and therefore they want a garden and a koi pond just outside the room. For them, this hack is amazing as it will open the doors directly to the area where you want to be. For this, your room should be near to the backyard so that every time you open up your room, it gets filled with the refreshing air.

Best utilization of corner

One of the best ideas is to utilize the corner. You can set up your pond and your garden at the corner this will give you a good workspace along with that it looks good. A wonderful idea, to save your space. This idea is very trendy these days.

Ready to sail

A very different yet amazing hack is here. You can use a boat as a koi pond and customize it accordingly. For this, if you have a boat that is in no use then you can give customize in any aquatic theme. This idea is unique and will look good in your garden.

Entertainment place

Consider your pond a place where you can entertain yourself. Whenever you wish to play you can play around it. Whenever you feel to the bonfire you can do that too.  Finding a perfect place to hang out with friends, family, and guests. That’s why set up your koi pond in such a way that you enjoy it around.

Indoor koi ponds

There are some ponds available in the market that are small in size and are portable so that we can shift them from one place to the other. Such pond is called as Indoor ponds. These ponds are easier to lift and we can keep koi fishes in that. This is also a good option to try.

Wrap up

Having your koi pond is so satisfying but at the same time, it can be quite expensive for you.  It requires a lot of maintenance. You have to feed them from time to time and also you have to take care of the taps when to open and when to stop. Everything needs to be taken care of so don’t worry and enjoy with your koi fish and ponds. Hope the article shared the appropriate information.

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