Is It Dangerous To Drive With Bad Rotors? – How To Fix Warped Rotors

Do you hear some kind of noise while driving as if something is not up to the mark? Do you notice that every time you apply brakes they are not as smooth as they were before? If you observe such situations while driving then something is wrong with your car?  So, as soon as you observe such a sign then immediately consult a mechanic and resolve it. Maybe your rotors are damaged and that’s the reason why the brakes are not working well.

As we know that rotors are the disc brakes that help to maintain your vehicle and are responsible for the brake application. Now if your rotors are bad or worn out or warped then your vehicle will not stop at the particular instant which is dangerous.  So never drive your vehicle when the rotors are warped because it can put you in serious trouble.

How To Tell If Rotors are Warped

Sometimes it is impossible to watch the warped rotor but the vehicle indicates itself that it needs servicing. Well, to know whether the rotors are good or bad there are some factors that you must observe only then after you can conclude. So, the following factors that one needs to understand are as follows:

Vibration Through Brake Pedal

The best way to understand that your rotor is warped or not is through the vibration caused by the brake pedal when pressure is applied. You will notice that even a slight pressure will cause a great vibration. This is the sign that your rotor is warped.

Noise From Brakes

Whenever you drive you will hear some uneven noise whenever you apply brakes. This happens because the brakes come in contact with the brake pads and the rotor has no flat surface anymore. So it produces noise. The noise can be high at some time and low at the point.

Vibration From Steering Wheel

Any time we observe the vibration in the steering wheel. This is because the brake rotors and calipers are connected with the same spindle that is connected with the wheels which is why the vibration through the bad rotors transmits the brake calipers and then reaches to steering wheels.

Wheel Bearings are Damaged

Sometimes our wheel bearings are damaged that results in the wear out of the rotor and many other parts of the vehicle. So pay attention to this too.

Is It Safe to Drive a Car With Bad Rotors?

The answer is NO. One should avoid driving if they have bad rotors. Warped rotors are the reason behind the major car accidents. Whenever you have the bad rotors the major harm is caused to the brakes. And if the brakes stop functioning then this is a serious problem. At the time of emergency, your brakes will not work correctly. Brake failure will cause injury to you as well as the people around you.  So, do not drive when your rotors are warped. Immediately take your vehicle to the mechanic and fix up the issue.


This is all about the article. Whenever you notice any kind of signal from the vehicle indicating the damage in the rotor fix it as soon as possible. Also never drive when you realize that the rotors are damaged. Call a mechanic or any specialist to fix this. so whenever you suspect any kind of signal immediately take the right action instead of ignoring because life is more important than any other thing. tries to give you one platform that saves your time in today’s hectic schedule and also puts an extra effort to make your decision better, wiser and, economical whenever you spend even a single penny over the internet.

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