How To Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner Mechanism | Lazy Boy Recliner Repair and Parts

I assume that you are using the Lazy Boy Recliner for a long time and now you are facing some issues with the mechanism. But before I start, I must let you know that if your product is new, it’s best to consult the manufacturer service to get the product repaired. Well, I’ll be honest about my recliner, I had to touch for the first time after 3 years of my use. Yes, it was just a minor fixing.

If you are here to repair Lazy Boy recliner mechanism, I’ll assume that the recliner is not working at all. Let’s be honest… not everyone can understand the recliner mechanism unlike me and I’ll suggest you contact a professional for the repairs. However, there are still some minor fixes that you can do with your own hands if you follow the instructions properly. Let’s cut the crap and go straight forward to the repair instructions.

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Lazy Boy Recliner Problems and Parts

If you consider my opinion, I’ll suggest to always having a proper diagnostic of things that you need to repair. Properly knowing where the problem is will help you to figure out what you need to do. If you diagnose it properly and you find out the exact source, you’ll be able to fix it in a flash. Since the recliner has multiple components, the problem can be anywhere. So let’s talk about the things that you need to consider. 


If there are just issues in padding, I bet you’ll be relieved. Of course, it’s easy to fix… You’ll not even have to unlock the chair mechanism. Just adding some pillows at the bottom will do the job for you.


If this is about the construction of the recliner, things may be a bit difficult. Sometime’s this may be an issue about the lo-sided chair. This is mainly because the chair is not fitted properly. It’s a manufacturing defect. I suggest you contact the manufacturer for the effective replacement of the chair. I would never be able to repair such problems all by myself. 


If the framework is the issue, the only solution is proper maintenance. If you are just using the mechanism to recline almost every day, this may appear once in a while. Even I had to fix such minor issues. But it was almost 3 years after I continuously used the recliner. But if it happens with you, you just need to tighten up the screws present. Or else, just get a new pair of screws.


If you are facing some crooked issues with your recliner, it’s probably because of the floor. Even I faced the same when I purchased a new recliner. In fact, I installed a small cardboard chip under the legs which provided me a proper balance to the recliner even after using it. So I’ll suggest that you do the same.

Steps That You Need To Follow

Step 1: Check the Tension

1. The first step that you need to do is to check for the backrest. In my case, it can lean about 45 degrees behind. Also, mine is now adjusted to a steady decline.

2. If it is not working smoothly, you may have to decrease the tension. You can easily do it by pulling the tension down so that it is smooth for a transition. 

3. If this happens to lean quickly, you may just have to increase the tension. Well, this may be a common problem if you are slightly heavier on the reclining chair.

Step 2: Tilting It Forward

1. If this is being a problem, try to look for the underside of the chair. You can opt to easily tilt the entire recliner forward by pushing it.

2. I always make sure that the chair is in an upright position from the back. I’ll suggest that you care about it also.

3. If it is not working smoothly, you may have to push the recliner a little hard. It may get stuck at times and so you may have to push the recliner a bit hard.

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Step 3: Check Adjustment Mechanism

1. Look for the thumbwheels that are present under the seat. You need to only adjust the tension from here. But without this, you will not be able to adjust the tension.

2. The thumbwheels are fixed on both sides. If you find any of them to be lost, simply tighten them up. You can also look for the tension springs that are attached; I used a wrench to simply tighten them.

3. If you cannot find the adjustment mechanism underneath, look for the back of the seat. I’ve seen a recliner on my friend’s home which has adjustment present at the back.

Step 4: Rotate the mechanism

1. I always refer to increase or decrease the tension at times to keep it lively and cross-checking the health. You can simply do it by rotating the thumbwheels to loosen or tighten up.

2. Since they are delicate, I’ll suggest you follow the instruction manual. Do this with your bare hands and not with any other external tools present.

3. If your fingers are not being able to do it, you can catch a set of pliers. But make sure that you are not applying full pressure on it to adjust.

Step 5: Test the Adjusting Mechanism

1. If you want to make the recliner to stand you need to get back to the upright position. I will always check the adjustment mechanism even after I tighten up a mere screw at the bottom.

2. Try to sit on it and then relax on the recliner. Now, you can also try to lean back on the recliner which will help you to understand if there is still any problem left or not.

3. Stretch your legs and try to find any more faults with the tension of the recliner. If you do not find any problems, the repair is complete.

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If you are still facing any issues with the Lazy Boy Recliner Mechanism, it’s probably because there are still some manufacturing defects. You can still try all the steps that I’ve mentioned above. However, if it does not work, consider contacting your manufacturer to call for a proper service. You may have to replace the product. But I’ll hope that these steps will guide you properly to understand your Lazy Boy recliner mechanism. tries to give you one platform that saves your time in today’s hectic schedule and also puts an extra effort to make your decision better, wiser and, economical whenever you spend even a single penny over the internet.

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