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Can a Car Battery Go Dead From Sitting If YES, Than How Long

In the race of today’s world when we want to save both fuel and money, many of us opt for public transportation even though having their vehicle. But they missed one point and that is the battery will drain out in some time if not used for months. Later they realize the facts but that’s too late. Therefore to answer all such queries we have prepared the complete tutorial. So, let’s see what could be done to save the battery from drainage.

When Does the Battery Die When not Used?

Well, the answer is, it depends on the type of car. Basically it takes two and a half months to drain the battery completely. However, the duration might change for some other cars. For instance, BMW will drain out the battery in 1 month or four weeks. Now the question arises then what should be done to save the battery from getting drained. 

What Could be the Solution to This?

There are two solutions to the problem and they are listed below.

The one is the removal of the battery while the other is without removing the battery. Let us talk about them one by one.

Extending the Life of the Battery Without Removal

So, to extend the life of the battery you need to take care of some important measures.  We all know that the battery is used to ignite the engine. Also, it is used to turn on different other systems of the car. Most of you might think that this will drain a lot of your battery but that is not true. One of the interesting facts that I would like to share with you is that every time the battery is being used and it ignites the engine, the parts also use the battery.

Now when the battery hits beyond the 1000 RPMs it automatically starts charging itself. Yes, you got me right. You are extending its life by using it more. 

So to keep your battery alive for more years you could practice one simple thing. That will cost you. All you will need to do is start your vehicle and start it for at least 5-10 min and let it hit 1000 RPM. This will let your car battery free from drainage. But, it will consume your fuel. So if you are okay with it then this could be the way you can save your car’s battery.

Extending the Battery With Removal

The second method is quite effective as compared to the first one and is cost-effective too. Now, if you are sure that you will not be using your car for weeks then you can use this method. If you are good with some mechanical stuff then remove the battery off from the car and keep the battery aside.

NOTE: You need to be very careful that the battery should be kept aside and away from humans. 

As we know that the battery releases some sort of chemicals around, which are dangerous for children and also for humans. Therefore keep it away from humans and in a dry place.  If it comes in contact with moisture then it will further leak some sort of chemicals that are not good for us. Therefore keep a note of it.

TIP: keep the battery in your garage over the heavy cloth surface that will dry up the moisture if possible.

Wrap Up

So, using the above two methods can help you save your battery and extend its life for more years. Try the method of your choice if you do not want to get to buy a new battery for your car every time. Also, keep a note of the points that are explained above and do not worry because this must be a normal situation happen with every other car owner.

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