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🥇Graco Magnum X5 Vs X7: Comparison Guide between Best Paint Sprayer

Paint sprayers are an effective and speedy way to accomplish a DIY project or to undertake a professional assignment with a great deal of finesse. The advent of these tools have made life easier and painting jobs quite thrilling. Graco is one brand which plays in the mind when talking about paint sprayers and here we shall discuss in detail the various features of Graco Magnum x5 and Graco Magnum X7 to see which sprayer wins’ brownie points against the other.

Graco Magnum X5 Vs Graco Magnum X7




  • Weight: 13 lbs

  • Hose Length: 75 ft

  • Tip Size: 0.015

  • Performance: .27 gal/min

  • Weight: 23 lbs

  • Hose Length: 100 ft

  • Tip Size: 0.017

  • Performance: .31 gal/min

GRACO MAGNUM X5: The Airless Paint Sprayer

The portability and ease of use of this graco product make it an instant favorite amidst those who are a novice in the painting field and want their endeavor to be a success. This high-speed sprayer is quite hard-wearing with its stainless-steel piston pump and a sturdy body.

This sprayer has a recommended annual usability up to 125 gallons, which is quite a great deal of paint and not to forget the flexible suction pump which enables one to spray from 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket, making for non-stop work. Another enchanting feature of this product is the adjustable pressure knob which enables to control the paint flow according to the need, this helps in getting an excellent paint quality and desired textures with perfection.


Now there is no need for you to worry about the cumbersome cleaning process once the painting job is done. This sprayer is equipped with a power flush adapter which can be conveniently connected to the garden hose and voila! you have a clean sprayer for use yet again.

There is a general issue of clogged tips which makes painting jobs really difficult, but this product successfully averts this issue as it has the switch tip option. Now you can easily reverse the tip to remove the clogging and work with the same speed and accuracy.

Graco Magnum X5 which is powered by the 1/2HP universal motor is quite effective in spraying all surfaces. Its portability and ease of carrying with the compact dimensions of 14.5×12.4×17.9 inches make it a very functional product for those who are always taking up new projects a variety of places.

A perfect tool for the new painters who want to show their talents by painting the deck or the fence, this sprayer can handle oil, latex, stains, and acrylic but is not very efficient with solvent-based lacquers and textures. This product brings with it a warranty of one year and the technical support team at Graco is more than ready to heed all the queries you have, making for a user-friendly product.

GRACO MAGNUM X7: A Deep Specification

A paint sprayer which is every painter dream come true- Graco Magnum X7 gives alluring quality and continuous workflow making it a worthy buy. The 5/8hp Universal motor which makes it ooze a power of 3000psi ensures that you get power, speed, and efficiency all with this one single tool.

This sprayer is apt for undertaking painting of small houses, fences or decks, making it a versatile product. The pressure control feature which has been intelligently incorporated in the design makes it possible to control the paint flow according to need, thus minimizing any kind of wastage.

Keeping up to the brand quality and image this Graco product is also very durable and long-lasting owing to the stainless steel piston pump. The one feature which makes this product a hit is the convenience of the cart attached to it. This cart allows one to carry a 5-gallon paint container with the sprayer, this increases work speed and reduces the user hassle by a great deal. If you are worried about the time-consuming cleaning process, it is time to shed this worry with the X7.


This sprayers power flush adapter which connects to the hose pipes makes cleaning task as easy as a breeze. What adds more brownie points to it is its ability to spray unthinned paints, latex and even stains with amazing speed and accuracy.

The 5-gallon paint container which you can be carrying on the cart can be easily used with the help of the flexible suction tube of X7, this tube equips you with the skill to paint directly from the bucket.

The entire unit looks and feels very professional and carrying it is also very easy. For pro painters, it opens a world of opportunities as it can handle all paint varieties with ease and has the capacity of 125 gallons used per year. All in all, a great product which will surely make all your painting dreams come true with flying colors.

Head to Head Comparison X5 vs X7

Graco Magnum X5 Vs Graco Magnum X7

Choosing one amongst varieties which are both equally scintillating can be quite a challenge, but there are certain aspects which differentiate these products from each other and they can help one in judging what would suit his/her needs in a more prolific manner.

  • Magnum X5 is not very proficient in dealing with unthinned paints, stains, and lacquer, whereas X7 has shown great efficiency with all paint and stain varieties.
  • Magnum X7 is powered by the 5/8hp Universal motor as compared to the 1/2hp Universal motor of X5. This makes for a higher performance rating of X7 which stands at .31gal/min against the .27gal/min of Graco Magnum X5.
  • If machine dimension and weight are the points of consideration, Graco Magnum X5 stands at a higher pedestal with a weight of mere 13 lbs which is 10 lbs lower than Magnum X7’s weight. This makes for more handling ease with X5.
  • The bigger tip size of Magnum X7 at .017 makes it possible for this sprayer to spray thick latex and primers which are oil-based, on the contrary, this is not possible with the X5.

Graco Magnum X5 Vs X7 The Final Call: Model X7 will be more taxing on your budget as compared to the Magnum X5, but if you are going to use your sprayer recurrently and want variety in your paint usage the Graco Magnum X7 will surely be a better buy.

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