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8 Major Factors To Consider for First Time Gun Buyer

People who hate guns make it seem like a gun owner is a trigger-happy madman, when in fact gun-ownership is a lot about consciously choosing to be responsible for the safety and well being of the community around you.

Which is why it becomes even more important to guide the first-time gun buyer to aware about the proper ways to take care of the gun, which goes right from how to buy a handgun (where to buy handgun as well) to how to keep it safe and then to how to use it in an actual emergency. Let’s go through those points in a quick post. Share this with a first-timer.

How you wish to employ your gun has a lot of importance. Using a revolver to hunt deer, for example, is like using a meat cleaver to peel a carrot. Learn about what kind of guns work for what kind of situations, and choose your weapon accordingly.

Choose Proper Size

If you’re looking to hunt, a longer, weighty rifle won’t be a bad option. But if you’re looking to keep a gun for safety at your house, you might prefer a shorter model, easier to hold, wield and conceal. Getting a gun that is the right size makes all future use that much easier and convenient. Another dimension to consider the size is storage. You can store small guns in virtually any tiny space (though we recommend you don’t, and always store guns after unloading them completely).

Don’t Skip The Paperwork

This is another essential. There is paperwork involved in obtaining a gun ownership license, which everyone is expected to go through. Take care to read all the literature related to owning a gun, gun safety and also how to deal with a tough situation when you’re not close to your gun. First-time gun-buyers are often reluctant to fill in paperwork because of unsubstantial fears like that of surveillance. However, getting a gun from a source that doesn’t supply proper papers can put you at greater risk because of the gun, instead of making you safer because of having it.

Keep Yourself In Practice

Training doesn’t end once you clear the exam and get your gun licenses. You need to keep your mind and your muscles trained to be able to handle any emergency. Most dedicated gun owners make it a point to go practice at a shooting range a few times a month, at the very least. Besides training you to shoot precisely if and when a need arises, it can also be fun and therapeutic. Don’t you agree?

Consider The Safety Of Your Gun

It might seem counterintuitive (why should I have to protect the gun, isn’t the gun supposed to be for my safety?), but a gun needs to be taken care of in its own way. The most overlooked aspect of gun care is proper safe storage. Storage in a convenient Gun Safe that is secure, heavy and properly sealed can save your gun from falling in the wrong hands. There are also safes that protect your gun from flames and high temperature and pressure, all of which can be detrimental to your gun’s health and even be dangerous.

Practice Proper Gun Etiquette

This is the basics of how to handle a gun, and you’ll be surprised how many beginners and first-time owners I’ve seen who don’t know how to hand over a gun to someone. You always click the safety so there are no accidental shots, and then offer the butt of the gun for the person to hold so that the lighter and grip-less barrel doesn’t slip through their hands and falls to the floor. You avoid showing your guns to kids or people of unsuitable mindset so as to not attract trouble.

You always store your gun unloaded, and preferably store the ammunition in a different cabinet or compartment so that even if someone inappropriate finds your gun, they don’t immediately discover the ammo as well and become a bigger threat than they already are with your gun in their hands, without your permission.

Learn CPR And First Aid

A lot of dangerous situations that necessitate or justify carrying a gun with yourself also have one or more people in a strained state of health. Someone could be shot, a brawl could have left them unconscious or bleeding, or there might just be time for someone to come to the person’s rescue. Learning CPR and basic first aid can improve the chances of survival of the person you’re trying to help and make you even more useful to the community you’re a part of. I cannot recommend getting CPR training and basic first aid skill enough.

Learn About Ammo And Which Ammo Works Best For You

Not all ammo works with every gun. It’s pretty much a no brainer that you cannot load a sniper shot in a shotgun. There are different makes and qualities of ammo that you might be able to use. Once you’re familiar with it, you may try out customizations and add-ons to upgrade your gun.

A bit of standard advice I give the first-time gun buyers is not to chase multiple guns, but to get good at handling one, and then working their way up to different kind of guns they’re interested in.

This helps one get a grasp on the basics of gun use and maintenance. The same knowledge can be helpful when you go for bigger guns. I hope this helps a few new gun owners out. 

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