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Daytona 3 Ton Floor Jack [Low Profile Steel Floor Jack]

Daytona has always been one of the most profound manufacturers when t comes to the floor jack. Immersive hydraulics could be the definitive reason why most people like having a Daytona floor jack along with themselves. Needless to say that there are hundreds of floor jacks already available in the market today.

However, only a few devices come with such performance, like the Daytona 3 ton floor jack. There are already many thoughts from professionals while using floor jack, including the good and the bad ones. If you’re willing to know more, this guide is completely for you.

Daytona Three-Ton Floor Jack

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What We Like

  • The product comes with a decent weight lifting option.
  • It has long handled to carry
  • The overall product is light in weight.
  • It features a low profile design to carry
  • The exterior finish is decent to use

Trouble Area

  • The materials could be improved for better durability.

Daytona 3 Ton Floor Jack | Specifications

Maximum Lift Height (in)18-1/4 in
Maximum Working load (lbs)6000 lb
Minimum height (in)5 in
Height8-3/4 in
Weight70 lbs
14 User Reviews

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Low Profile Work

One of the most profound features of using the Daytona floor jack is that it is a shallow profile in nature. It has a standing height of just 8 inches, which will easily sneak underneath your car. Coming over the minimum lift, you can expect that the device can raise around 3 inches. But the most impressive part is the maximum lift.

Even for a rise of 23 inches at maximum, the device still feels a bit low. In total, it just takes about 4 full strokes of the pump to raise the levels. It is quite fast as compared to many other floor jacks available.

Premium Piston Steel

The construction of the Daytona floor jack makes every professional rely on this device. It comes along with a premium quality finish that stays well. Moreover, the introduction of a filtration system helps a lot to increase the pump life.

A premium grade piston is added, which makes the device stands out much better. Because of this filtration system, the pump moves much better, and it also allows better performance. The universal joint has a precise load control, which makes this device great to use.

Amazing Hydraulic Pump

Most professionals want to have a floor jack because of the hydraulic pump that it offers. According to the professionals, this device’s performance is unmatched, and it also offers you a great result. With a moderate load, the pump offers easy movement.

Since it has a capacity of 3 tons, it would merely take you 4 full strokes for a maximum lift. The presence of internal magnetic components inside the pump allows easy maintenance and takes very little time.

Decent Jack Handle

A lot of users have already said about having a decent handle. Personally, I felt that the Daytona floor jack comes with an amazing handle. Not only does it split up into two parts, but the handle length can also be almost 23 inches long. It is retractable, and thus carrying the device will never be a problem for you.

The best part of having this jack is that the handle is not stiff, and you can get a 4×4 pad, which makes it easy to carry the device.

Great Mobility

Mobility is one thing that makes the Daytona floor jack to be accurate. By design itself, you can expect that this device comes along with a lightweight body. This is why carrying the product is never a big challenge. One more feature that it has is a few casters at the base. Even if you are moving it on the floor, It can easily be mobile.

You wouldn’t have to worry much about carrying this device because it takes very little time for you to carry it from one position to another

14 User Reviews

Last update on 2022-01-15 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you use the Daytona 3 Ton Jack?

Ans: Using the Daytona 3 Ton Jack is difficult to consider if you know the right procedure. Of course, it is better to go through the instruction manual for using this, and then you can use this. The handle is used for both pumping and moving the floor jack. Place this under the car, and you will be able to lift the Daytona 3 Ton Jack according to your requirements.

Q2. Is a 3-ton floor jack enough?

Ans: Now this will completely depend on what your requirements are. If the requirements you have been compelled with lightweight vehicles sing a Daytona 3 To,n Jack will do the job for you. However, it would help if you made sure that the maximum weight and lift are not overused. Try to only use the floor jack with cars that are less than 6000 lbs underweight.

Q3. Do you need to maintain a Daytona 3 Ton Jack?

Ans: Of course, you need to. Every device that you buy for automotive tools and works requires maintenance. The key component of using the Daytona 3 Ton Jack is the hydraulic pump. When there is a lack of oil, the friction gets reduced, it requires maintenance. You may have to change this oil several times.

What Users Say

“Amazing Jack to use on the floor.”

One of the consumers from Amazon is using this device for the past year and feels that this is the exact device he wanted from the first glimpse itself. According to him, the Dayton floor jack comes with decent rolled wheels. They are easy to travel with and can roll out smoothly from within. Moreover, the piston pump seemed to be another choice for purchasing this device.

“Heavy Duty jack.”

One of the consumers from Amazon claimed that the Daytona Three-Ton Floor Jack could easily lift a 3ton car. It just took 3 pumps for him to get the job done easily. This device easily comes with a smooth pump and hydraulic system that is easy to lift. As a professional, it became much easier for the owner to lift vehicles through this.


Daytona 3 ton floor jack is a great choice at an affordable price. Most people who would like to purchase the Daytona Three-Ton Floor Jack have said that it comes in a budget-friendly option and is a value for money purchase. Of course, having the Three-Ton Floor, Jack is quite helpful for small and lightweight automobiles. You can also get a decent warranty with this product.

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