🥇Cobalt vs Titanium Drill Bits: better One To choose

Confused between which type of cutting tool you need to expertise your technical skills. People often use a drill bit to remove materials or to create holes or even to cut through any workpiece. But, there’s a lot of confusion while choosing a Cobalt Drill bit or a Titanium Drill Bit. They have different purposes and different benefits for opting any one of them. Still, a lot of people do get confused while selecting the best drill bits for metal and their usage. Here is a comparison between Cobalt vs Titanium Drill Bits that you can always choose as your favorite choice.

Cobalt vs Titanium Drill Bits




  • Titanium coating

  • 8.5-inch Slicing knife

  • Tapered for greater durability

  • Solid Cobalt M42

  • Comes in 1/64 inch increments

  • No-spin shank

What Exactly a Cobalt Drill Bit?

Do not go for the name if you are thinking that a Cobalt Drill is completely made up of Cobalt. In fact, it is a steel alloy which has 5 to 8 percent Cobalt. The 5 percent alloy is known as M35 grade while the 8 percent alloy is known as M42 grade. Cobalt actually helps to increase the strength as well as makes it more heat resistant. The Cobalt Drill is one of a kind and it surely helps a lot to drill hard materials quickly. It is basically because of the friction of metal against metal which increases the temperature and makes frilling easy.

Cobalt Drill Bit

What is Titanium Drill Bit?

Titanium Drill Bit is composed of a metal formation which includes Titanium Nitride and an alloy of High-Speed Steel Metal. This Drill Bit has a high surface hardness which makes it very corrosive resistant. This type of drill bit is ideal to cut through hard metal in no time. Titanium Drill Bit is mostly used by professionals who look for fast drilling through hard metal. Basically, if you go through the specifications, the Drill Bit is actually a coating of Titanium on hard steel.

Titanium Drill Bit

Cobalt vs Titanium Drill Bits [Comparision]

Compositional Difference


  • Cobalt Drill Bit is a composition of metal alloy along with cobalt.
  • It composes of 90 percent metal alloy along with just 5 percent Cobalt.
  • This composure allows the blade to resist high temperatures and high friction


  • Titanium Drill Bit is a composition of high-speed steel along with Titanium.
  • These Drill Bits is unlike any cobalt drill bit and it composes of completely steel alloy with just a coating of Titanium.
  • Titanium Drill Bit can easily resist up to 800 degree Celsius

Drilling Mechanism


  • Cobalt Drill Bit is efficient to drill stainless steel, cast iron easily.
  • The material is heat resistant and it can help the professional to drill for a long time.
  • You do not have to use any kind of lubricants while the metal gets heated.


  • This Drill Bit can easily drill stainless steel, cast iron, and other metals. But they are more preferred on woods or soft metals.
  • The friction is low, so it produces low heat. However, for long time usage, the heat may build up strong.
  • This one requires cooling lubricants to cool down the body.

Durability Factor


  • Cobalt Drill Bits have high friction but this does not reduce the durability of the metal alloy.
  • Since it is a mixture of allowing with cobalt, the only way to reduce the lifespan is corrosion.
  • Cobalt Drill Bit can easily stay strong for 20 years, but if anyone can bring the sharpness back, it may last for many more years.


  • The Titanium Drill Bit is composed of high-speed steel body and Titanium Nitrate coating.
  • The lifespan completely depends on the coating present. It is not a mixture so once the coating is gone, there is no more of Titanium left.
  • These types of Drill Bit has low friction. Thus, it involves high chances of corrosion.

Obviously The Price factor


  • The Cobalt Drill Bit is generally far more expensive because of the material itself.
  • It composes of 8 percent cobalt which makes the drill bit more expensive to re-gather.
  • There are no chances for restoring a Cobalt Drill Bit once the metal is lost.


  • Titanium Drill Bit is less expensive on the other hand. It is also easily available on the market for better use.
  • This Drill Bit has only a Titanium Nitrate Coating. So if it is lost, one can easily treat the product with Titanium coating.
  • Refilling Titanium Coating on the drill bit is easy and it cheaply available on the market.

Comparison By Types


  • The M35 type of Cobalt Drill Bit is a great option for heavy-duty drilling. It includes 5% cobalt as metal and great for castings and forgings.
  • The M42 type of Cobalt Drill Bit includes 8% cobalt in the body. It is specifically designed for machine work and other hard metals. Most of the commercial chambers use such.


  • The TiN resists friction and it is a Titanium Nitrate Coating on the high-speed steel drill bit.
  • The next type is the TiCN or the Titanium Carbo-Nitrate. It is much harder and durable than most other coatings.
  • The third type is the AlTiN or the Titanium Aluminum Nitride. This is specifically designed to increase the temperature or resist high heat.

Wrap Up: Better Choice

Both the Cobalt Drill Bit and the Titanium Drill Bits comes with different properties. However, there are different purposes for each of them. If you are looking for professional work for commercial chambers or for regular drilling, you may opt to choose the Cobalt Drill Bit. However, if you are willing to opt for home uses and soft drilling purposes, you can also go for the Titanium Drill Bits. It is a bit cheap and will definitely solve your purpose for drilling metals and soft materials.

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