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How Much Cost To Wrap A Car [Car Wrap vs Car Paint]

We often need to change the look of our car again because of some kind of damage or scratches on it that are making its appearance not so good. In such cases, you always have two options: the first one is car wrapping and the other one is car painting. Most of the time people get stuck between these two and sometimes end up making the wrong choice which they realize later on.

Further information will help you to decide which option will be better for you.

So now if you don’t have a clear vision about what car wrapping and painting exactly is, then we will also tell you that, if you know what these terms are then you can directly go to the differences between them.

Car Wrapping V_S Painting

What is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping gives you the power to change the whole appearance of your car, your old boring car can convert into a car having the cool appearance, car wrapping uses vinyl wraps and applies the wraps on the surface of the car and changes it to a different level.

What is Car Painting?

In-car painting, you normally color the surface of your car using a water-based formula with a spray gun, the paint is mainly made of polyurethane, you often need to do more than one layer of paint in car painting.

Now, look at the differences between these two technologies to decide which one we should use according to our requirements.

Appearance You Want

Nowadays appearance is a thing that most people emphasizes on, everyone wants their things to be attractive and in the same way, having a cool looking car will be a plus point for anyone, so if you want your car to look good and change its previous appearance then the car wrapping is the best option you can think of as it changes the appearance drastically.

While on the other hand if you just want to hide some scratch or dent beneath a coat of paint then car painting will be more preferable.

The Time You Can Wait For Your Car

The option you should go for also depends on the time you can leave your car to the car painting or wrapping shop. Usually painting a car involve scratching the old paint and then applying new coats of paint, each coat can take up to 8 hours to dry after that only you can apply the next coat, so this process will take more than 4-5 days and if you going for low-cost paint and if you are going for average paint job then it can even take more than 1-2 weeks. But if you don’t have that much time to free up your car then car wrapping can be more suitable as in the car wrapping time only goes in customizing the design and after that, it will take max 3 days for completing the process.

Cost Efficiency

If you just want to have an inexpensive paint with just some coats, then painting is more cost-efficient but if you are going with car paint for a more finish and matte look then it will take several coats and money also, so in such cases, a car wrap is much more good option and it will give even a better look in the same price. So now you know what you can choose according to your budget.


A very good advantage of car wrapping is that the car wrap can even protect the surface of your car from damage and UV rays, it also protects the actual paint of the vehicle which is under the vinyl wrap, while in case of normal painting the paint does not protect to such extent as it is in car wrapping.

So if the protection of the surface of your car is also your priority then you can choose car wrapping and if it’s not an issue and you only want to have normal paint then go for the car painting.


A vinyl wrap is reversible which means that you can remove the car wrap whenever you want easily and without damaging the car but the case is different in painting as it is not reversible and if you again want to change the surface of the car, it has to go through a process like scratching again and can cause damage sometimes.


Nowadays everybody wants their things designed according to themselves and that’s where customization comes in, you can customize the car’s surface with both by painting and wrapping but the matter is that if you car customizing your car with paint then it will need more expertise painters and time, even it costs a heavy amount unlike a normal paint, but in case of wrapping customization is way much easier to perform, you can get a matte finish, metallic appearance, the type of graphic design you want in much less cost than you will do it using paint. 


Maintenance is also an important factor to think of, normal car paint is tougher to maintain as it needs extra care, you will need to wash the surface more often otherwise if the dust will get stick in the paint for more time then even it can break down the paint, while on the other hand maintaining a car wrap is very easy you just have to wash it normally and even can wipe it with a wet cloth and it will be good going and the dust particle will not affect it more, it will also save your cost of car washing.


The durability of paint depends upon the type of paint you have done, an inexpensive paint will not last more and will fade in some years due to the effect of UV rays and an expensive metallic paint can even last for the whole life of the car.

The life of car wrap is 10 years, but it varies with the type of environment in which you are using your car.


Now you are smart enough to determine which thing you want to do according to your requirements and budget. People nowayds prefer car wrapping more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Does a car wrap damage the paint?

No, a car wrap does not damage the paint of your car, it is a type of protective covering that can cover up the paint, even it protects the factory paint of the car when you remove a car wrap, you will see that the paint underneath is intact.

Q2.Can I send my car on which I have done car wrapping to the car wash?

There are different type of car washes, you can send you car to touchless car washing system, it will not affect anything on the wrap but if you will send it to a normal car wash then because of the use of brushes and other sharp things the wrap can get damage such as it will get scratches, or the graphic design of the wrap can also affect.

Q3.What are some best car wraps?

Some of the best car wraps are
1. TCBunny 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film Wrap.
2. VViViD Black High Gloss Vinyl Wrap. 
3. VViViD XPO Black Carbon Fiber Car Vinyl.
4. 3M Matte Black Car Wrap Vinyl. 
5. F & B LED LIGHTS 3D Vinyl Wrap. 
6. ATMOMO Self Adhesive Headlights Vinyl.
7. VViViD XPO Red Vinyl Wrap.

Q4.How much car wrap or paint will cost?

A car wrapping will cost you $2-$3.5 per square foot, approximately $2000-$5000 depending on the size of your car.
Standard car paint will cost you $300-$900 while high-quality car paint will cost approx $1,000 to $4000.

Q5.Does wrapping a car affect the insurance of the car?

Yes, a car wrap will affect the insurance, as car wrapping is a type of modification in the car and we need to mention all modifications while taking an insurance policy and if you have not declared it in the insurance then your car insurance will be void.

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