Big And Tall Man Recliners Review [2020] | Buying Guide

Do you miss the comfort of recliners just because you are taller than the usual height of man? For the ones who are big and tall, it can become difficult for them to find the right furniture to get the required comfort. Especially, it is not easy to get hands-on a comfortable recliner. If they are unable to get the big and tall recliner as per their height, they end up sitting in an uncomfortable posture with some neck and back pain. The pain triggers due to inadequate back support in the recliner.

Even tall men need to squeeze themselves in order to fit into the recliner that is available in the market. As a solution to this, we have brought some of the best recliner options for tall and big men within budget. We have shortlisted some of the recliners based on its ease of use, handy features, weight limit and the like. It shall help you make an informed decision to invest in the best comfort level.

10 Best Big And Tall Recliners

1. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner

With the problem of a tall and big man to fit comfortably in recliners in mind, the above said product is available. Installed with the latest features to use, it is ideal for a man ranging from 6 feet to 8 feet in height. The sitting posture of the recliner is manufactured to give the best comfort when lying down on it. High-quality PU leathers offer double comfort. In addition, large-sized cushion offers a thick layer of recliner back. The heavy-duty recliner has a maximum capacity of 300 lbs. 

  • Sturdy build with easy powerlifting recliner 
  • Overstuffed below offers additional back support and comfort of sitting
  • Easy to install 
  • Easy to use functional buttons on the recliner 

2. Mega Motion Easy Comfort 3 Position Heavy Duty Chair

Mega Motion Easy Comfort

Large and three-position changing recliner for tall and big users up to 500 lbs, the above said one is a suitable option to buy. Built with high-quality plywood, the construction is perfect to bear heavy weight individuals. The recliner can be balanced easily as installed with easy to control recliner mechanism. It delivers quiet, smooth and easy to use operation when using the recliner. It comes with good quality polyester knit fabric coupled with chaise pad giving excellent back and neck support. 

  • Wide space for comfortable sitting posture on the recliner 
  • Uplift and recliner can be used seamlessly 
  • Installed with emergency power backup in case of failure 

3. MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner Heated and Vibrating

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

When looking for a recliner that is suitable to fit in a tall and big man, the above said one is a suitable option. Made with solid wood frame and coupled with good quality faux leather, pockets, and cup holders offering suitable storage options. One can push the chair up due to its excellent powerlifting function. Moreover, it comes installed with four message focus, the back, tight, leg and lumbar that easily meet the demand of massage. Apart from ease of usage, it is also easy to assemble the chair. After reclining the chair, easily release the footrest and lie down in a comfortable posture.  

  • Simple remote controls make it easy to lift the chair’s recline
  • Thick padding on the seating area makes it comfortable 
  • Looks elegant and well-structured 

4. Harper & Bright Designs Big Man Power Recliner

Harper&Bright Designs Power Lift Chair

To smoothly customize your recliner’s position to get the best comfort from it, the above-said product can be the safest bet. A well-balanced lift mechanism pushes the chair up when the tall man sitting on it wishes to stand up. Reducing the effort on your knees, this is suitable for a tall man and endures up to 330 lbs weight. The sturdy construction of the chair adds to the durability and comfort that it offers. Good quality microfiber fabric with quality sponge makes the seat a comfortable one. It can be reclined up to 160 degrees, making it suitable for big and tall men. 

  • Easy to control the recliner’s functionality and settings 
  • Overstuffed seat, armrest, and backrest makes it comfortable 
  • Powerlifting capability of recliner 

5. Home Movie Theater Sofa Single Living Room Recliner (Gaming chair For Big man)

Home Movie Theater Sofa Single Living Room Recliner

A recliner is a great option for comfort for tall and big men. From its easy installation method to quick assembling steps, it is worthy of the investment that you make. With an easy auto lock back system, it is easy to get one for your home. Without taking any wall space, it fits into even a small room. The structure of the sofa makes it easy to use it as a gaming chair. With easy options of adjustments, you can lie down in a horizontal position on this chair. Solid wood framing coupled with a good density of leather sofa makes it perfect for lying down.   

  • Easy to install the recliner 
  • Saves a lot of space 
  • Portable as easy go through doors 

6. Signature Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle

Signature Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle

Designed for utmost comfort, the Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Oversized Recliner Saddle is the perfect option for big and tall men. Both the functionality and style make this chair a great one for use. Whether you wish to ease your back or lift the recliner, it can be done using a button. Therefore, the easy mechanism of the recliner helps get the best experience of using the recliner. Thick poly-fiber material on the recliner makes it easy to lie down as relax. The width and height of the recliner are perfect for a tall and big man to lie down.    

  • Easy to assemble and comes with required hardware and tools 
  • Hassle-free powerlifting recliner 
  • Installed with thick cushions and quality leather seat

7. Homegear Air Leather Heavy-Duty Electric Recliner Chair 770lbs

Homegear Air Leather Heavy Duty Dual Motor Power Lift Electric Recliner

For complete relaxation when lying down on recliners, choosing a quality recliner chair is of utmost importance. With the ability to recline in 180 degrees, you can enjoy proper lift and easily stand up from the chair. It comes with a double-layered cushion system that gives extra softness to the recliner seat. Moreover, the recliner is made from breathable material offering durability to the product. With great capacity, it has footrest and place for the armrest and padded back cushions that make excellent comfort. The motors used are fixed properly that can offer quality service. Adding to this, the recliner has a dual motor mechanism making it easy to slide and resume the recliner to its original position. 

  • High-end microfiber material 
  • Safe and reliable design to relax
  • Ability to recline up to 180 degree 

8. Homall Recliner Chair Home Theater Seating

Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather

With a capacity of up to 265 lbs, a seat height of 17.7 inches and a dimension of 19.7 inches, the above-said recliner is perfect to invest for. The recliner is manufactured with a good quality thick sponge that makes it soft to relax on the recliner. For extra comfort, it comes with a push back reclining design with a large seating arrangement. Adding to this, the footrest is manufactured from a high-quality steel material with thick padding to offer the best comfort when you lie down on the recliner. 

  • Excellent foot protection with four feet pads 
  • Manufactured with high-quality PU leather that offers durability 
  • An extra layer of cushioning for footrest, armrest and back support 

9. Deluxe Wall Hugger Power Lift Massage Recliner

The recliner comes with good quality leather that makes it worthy of the money that you pay for the chair. It is added with black colored quality leather that gives excellent comfort level. The recliner is installed with 8 massage points that are perfect to work on four body points giving complete relaxation when you lie down on it. With two footrests, 4 pockets and 2 cup holders, it is perfect for tall and bulky men. Moreover, with the latest mechanism in the recliner, there are modes like press, wave, auto, normal and pulse that make it perfect to relax on the recliner. 

  • Manufactured from quality PU leather that offers durability 
  • Easy to install the recliner and maintain 
  • Three choices to control operating time

10. ANJ Chair Leather Recliner Contemporary Theater Recliner

ANJ Chair Leather Recliner

Nothing can be better than having a comfortable and well-design recliner that gives astonishing level of relaxation. Getting a big man recliner for a tall man can be daunting enough when you need to look for the above-said options. The clean and contemporary design of the recliner makes it easy to uplift it and bring it down to its original position. With good quality fabric, it gives good comfort to your back. Adding to this, it has built-in cup holders. With a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, it is perfect for a tall and bulky man who can lie down and relax properly on the recliner.   

  • Easily adjustable angles of 110 degrees to 145 degrees
  • Gives utmost comfort with a better layer of cushioning 
  • The machine offers durability as manufactured with quality steel  

Buying Guide

Choosing the right recliner for a tall and big man

Buying the right recliner for tall and big man can be a daunting task as most of the recliners in the market as suitable for average-sized men. With some vital considerations, buying a big man recliner can be a hassle-free task. Knowing the exact dimension of space available in the room shall buy you the right-sized recliner. This way, you can fit in the chair in the best way possible.

Deciding the right budget

Investing for a recliner is a big investment and so, deciding on a quality item is necessary. Without randomly choosing an item, select the one that suits your budget the best. Also, going through the review section of the item shall help you grasp better insight into which recliner to invest. 

Is the big and tall recliners comfortable?

The comfort that the recliner offers, try to check other features that the recliner offers. Try to check the level of cushioning and the motor system that is installed in the recliner. Moreover, when the recliner is meant for big and tall men, it should have a maximum capacity to endure the weight. Also, the height, width, and dimension of the recliner should be suitable to lie down on it comfortably.  

Is the cushion level adequate to offer comfort?

There are different layers of cushioning in the recliner. You have to check for a double layer of cushioning so that it gives adequate support to your back. In addition to this, check whether the recliner has armrest and footrest for complete relaxation on the chair. 

The durability of the recliner plays an important role to decide whether you have made the right investment choice or not. Here, you have to check the mechanism of the chair along with its motor system. It should be easy to uplift the chair and bring it down to its original position. Check the lever system before buying it so that it becomes easy for you to install the recliner. 

How to maintain the recliner for long?

Better maintenance of recliner calls for adopting suitable safety measures. From the chair positioning, to check the space in between the footrest and the seat, it will be safe for you to lie down on the recliner and relax. In case your clothing or skin is stuck in the footrest mechanism, it can lead to undesirable situations.    

Editor’s Choice 

Recliner’s chair meant for big and tall men are available in plenty with some of the latest technology mechanisms. Among the ones reviewed above, the CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair is the top-rated one that has got the first position in the list. Men who are 6 feet to 8 feet tall can comfortably fit in this recliner with ease and lie down with adequate back support. Compared to this, the Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair is just one place lower than the previous one that comes installed with the latest technology 3 position facility. It indicates that any big and tall recliners can be inclined in three different angles offering the required comfort for tall and bulky men. Both the products have a capacity of up to 300lbs to 500 lbs. 

In both, PU leathers and thick layers of padding offer cushion feeling coupled with adequate back support. Adding to this, the Mega motion lift chair is manufactured with a quality wooden frame that makes the recliner rigid and you can use it for a long time. Thus, along with the top-rated one, it is worthy of checking the products that are included in the list. Pick the one that suits your requirements and budget the best.  

The Closure 

Therefore, after going through the features and other details of the recliners, it becomes easy for you to get the right one. Check its overall features, quality along with the durability that it offers to ensure that you are making the right investment. Never make the mistake of compromising on the quality of the item. The chair should be such that it gives you the utmost comfort as you lie down on it to relax. 

FAQs About recliners for tall and big man 

1. Does the recliner help in blood circulation?

Answer: Sitting for a long time on chairs can impact the body negatively. When sitting for long, blood will clot in your feet, resulting in swollen feet problem. Sitting on a recliner chair enables one to stretch legs having wonderful benefits for the body. It helps in proper blood flow in the body.

2. Is the recliner perfect for comfort?

Answer: Big recliner offers better comfort and perfect for a tall and big man. It comes with a unique and double layer of padding that gives better comfort with cushion feeling at your back. Apart from sitting, it enables you to recline on the chair with comfort for a long time. 

3. Are the recliners for a tall man enables one to seat higher from the ground?

Answer: No and you have to check whether the seat height will help the tall man to seat comfortably on the recliner. 

4. What is a high-leg recliner?

Answer: These look like chairs with functionalities of recliners. The mechanism is different and advanced from a normal recliner. In this, one can easily lift the recliner and bring it back to its original position. A high recliner looks more like a wing back chair that is perfect for a tall and bulky man. 

5. Do your feet hang from the recliner as you lie down?

Answer: No, there is space given at the bottom of the recliner to position your feet comfortably. Resting your heels and putting your arms on the armrest as most of the big man recliners come with an armrest, it is suitable to get the utmost comfort. As you measure the distance between knees and tailbone, you can know that your feet will not hang in the air when lying down on the recliner. 

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