[Best Window Squeegee] Get Spotless, Shining Windows Instantly

All of us wish for a completely sparking and spotless house. Cleaning a house consists of several activities but in this article, we will especially highlight how to clean the windows of your house. Cleaning windows seems like an easy task until you do and end up leaving marks or scratches on the panes or a fuzzy look even after all your efforts. In this article, you will come to know about the equipment required and how to use it to obtain perfectly-clean windows.

A window squeegee is a convenient tool, specially designed to clean windows to the extent where you will see your reflection as if it was a mirror! It is so much better than using regular towels. If you want to know what the best squeegee should have in it, here is what we recommend.

Features To Consider

  • The best materials that are considered for the channel part are brass, stainless steel, and plastic. Brass is a great option for resistance from rust but it can get a little heavy to use. Stainless steel provides both durability and rust resistance to the squeegee. Plastic ones are light-weight but their limitation is that they may break easily with time. Aluminum squeegees are also a thing and are available for wide-body channels. They are moderately rigid but very light which enables us to efficiently use it.

  • For the length of the blade, 12 inches or more is considered to be a good professional squeegee as it allows cleaning windows faster. Though it mostly depends on the size of your window. If you have a smaller window, you will obviously have to take a smaller size squeegee.

  • An ergonomically designed handle is what you should strive for. This won’t hurt your hand or cause pain in your fingers while working.

  • Preferred blade material is generally silicon over rubber as it leads to a long life. Rubber squeegees can be very good too for the purpose but it might need to be replaced after a certain period of time. 

Best Window Squeegee

  • Ettore 10018 is an 18-inch brass squeegee considered as one of the best squeegees. Its length, brass channel, high-quality rubber, and a comfortable handle are the reasons why is it considered as the best. It might seem a bit heavy to operate but the editor’s choice for sure.
  • Unger steel pro is 16-inches, very durable with heavy-duty construction. The best thing that draws people towards it is its lightweight. It is not only rust-resistant but also affordable. The handle and grip are that of a very professional window cleaner.  Its handle is designed to fit any pole and reach to windows even at great heights, which would otherwise require a lot of effort and saves you from carrying ladders everywhere. It is highly recommended and you will not regret purchasing it.
  • OXO good grips squeegee is made up of stainless steel and measures 10*6*1.5 inches. With a very flexible handle, it can ideally clean even curved and small surfaces and has a very good grip. It comes along with a suction cup which makes a tight grip on the wall while you work.
  • Leifheit 51107 is a special tool that will leave no mark on your windows as it has a vacuum system and a two-sided pad of microfiber that will impress you. The vacuum works in every direction without leaving any water dripping marks and can last to about 45 minutes which is enough time for cleaning. It is of German origin and lets you work in vertical, horizontal and sideways direction. The click-lock feature in its handle is a unique feature and keeps the tool intact in its place for better performance.

  • Desired tools squeegee comes with an 8 inches blade and can effectively clean mirrors, tiles and car glass. It uses a silicon blade and doesn’t leave streaks. The other factor which it focuses on is that it doesn’t make the shrill irritating noise. It comes with dual-edge blades and is pretty portable.  The foam handle gives a firm grip and is soft towards your hands. This makes it so multi-purpose. 

Types Of Squeegees

There are different squeegees in the market based on the different needs of a customer. 

  • The rubber, to say, comes of 2 types, t-shaped or rounded. You should ensure the shape of your channel otherwise it could be incompatible. 
  • The channels also have variety. They come as widebody or standard. The former one is thicker and longer in length with the latter is a thinner and shorter length. 
  • The channels can further be distinguished as Clip Style or Clipless Style. The former lets you use clips to secure rubber in position and comes pre-installed. You can also purchase them separately. The latter has a clipless needle and teeth that keep the rubber in place. It has notches on the backside. You need to buy a clipless handle to match your channel.

The tapered tip of any pole would help you to attach your squeegee to it. You simply need to push it till it becomes tightly fit. Adding a wood cone to a pole that doesn’t have a tapered end will be helpful.

Editor’s pick 

Choosing the right equipment or squeegee can seem bits difficult given there are so many choices. This review would have helped you with that. After analyzing all of them we finally decide Ettore 10018 is a kind of option that suits all requirements related to the usual purpose or commercial purpose either in your home, office anywhere. Ettore 10018 carries all those features that provide you a solution to all your cleaning queries.

Also, keep in mind the use of what you want the squeegee for as there are squeegees available for different purposes. Choosing the best one is now easy and similarly cleaning your windows.

Ettore 10018 is sure to prevent all your possible inconveniences with the different features it provides. Be it in office, cars, homes or any glass doors, it is now easy to get spotless shiny windows in a matter of minutes and with the minimum efforts. Get yourself a professional squeegee soon! 

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