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8 Best Portable Car Heater To Buy | 2021

Wouldn’t it be comfortable if your car can be warm even when it is freezing outside? Well, luckily, it is possible. There are plenty of portable presents in the market. These car heaters come in a wide range of variety depending upon the size of your vehicle and other features. 

However, the more options are, the harder it gets to choose one from them. Many brands claim to have the best car heater, but it turns out that their products are not actually worth it. And as a result of which, it’s quite important to do an accurate research on the model before buying it.

Well, the above task can be a bit hectic and confusing. So, to help you buy the best car heater, we’re here to guide you well. To do so, we are going to discuss the best 8 portable car heaters along with some of their positives and negatives as well.  However, knowing the best car heaters may not be enough. So, for this, you will also find a descriptive buying guide, comprising the factors that you must keep in mind.

Best 8 Portable Car Heater Reviews

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1. 2 In 1 Automobile Windscreen Fan Auto Ceramic Heater Fan in Cigarette Lighter Heater | 12Volt 150 Watt | Winner Pick

2 In 1 Automobile Windscreen Fan Auto Ceramic Heater

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The first on the list is the portable car heater, which has some of the best and most important features that must be present in a heater. Vehicles like minibuses, cars and taxis with 12 V cigarette lighter can use this heater. 

It has both heating and cooling properties. During winter times, use it to defrost and defog the vehicles. On the other hand, use it in the summers when you need some cold air on a humid and sunny day. The ceramic used in this heater provides enough heat output for defrosting, and the fans spread it evenly in the vehicle.

To ensure no harm from this heater, various safety features are included—for instance, automatic shut down protection in case of overheating, built-in fuse, and more. The design of this heater is lightweight and straightforward. Moreover, it is also energy efficient.


  • Very safe to use.
  • Power saving operation. 
  • A powerful heating capacity.


  • Not long-lasting.

2. Upgrade Car Heater, 2 in 1 Portable Fast Heating Car Heater | Most Durable

Upgrade Car Heater, 2 in 1 Portable Fast Heating Car Heater

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A heater which is known for its excellent performance is this one—designed to be used in different types of vehicles like cars, minibuses, taxis etc. It is a two-in-one product, which means that it has both a cooling and heating system. The suggested power rating of the cigarette lighter should be more than 150 Watt for obtaining the best result from it. 

Due to the presence of a 180-degree rotating holder, you can move it around to adjust in the ideal position. It is capable of heating the car and eliminating frost within one minute of plugging in. The outer body of this heater is made using heat-resistant plastic so that it can last long.

Using this heater means you never have to worry about defrosting in the winters. Similarly, during the summers, on a sunny day, you can use the cooling mode to enjoy a cold breeze to give relief from a hot climate.


  • It is made from reliable materials.
  • It makes it easier to defrost.
  • Both cooling and heating features are present.


  • Does not have a proper stand.


Compared to some other heaters shows that it has lesser features. Yet it is in the second position on the list because of its brilliant performance. This portable car heater is just what it promised. Not only in winters, but it also works properly in the summers. Thus, this two-in-one heater is considered to be praiseworthy by the buyers. All in all, it is a fair use of money.

3. Car Defroster Defogger 12V Truck 2 in1 Car Heat Cooling Fan, Plug Adjustable Thermostat | Most Energy Efficient

Car Defroster Defogger 12V Truck 2 in1 Car Heat Cooling Fan

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This is a heater that has all the features you would expect in a good portable car heater. It is secure to use, has a good performance and also saves energy. With its portable design and less weight, it can easily fit in your car. This can be used in cold as well as hot climates. 

The 150 Watt portable heater has 360 degrees rotating base to change its direction according to your requirements. It has a wide range of security features- for instance, a fuse which automatically shuts down the heater in case of any hazard. Use it in the winters to get rid of frosting and mist on the car to improve visibility.

The adhesive tape included in the purchase allows the heater to be fixed at a place. Make sure that the rating of a cigarette lighter is compatible with the heater to get the best performance. It is efficient in heating the car quickly and properly.


  • Provides great value for its price.
  • Suitable for both cold and hot climates.
  • 360-degree rotation available.


  • Does not have a long-range.


This is a great portable car heater. It will ensure ultimate security when using this heater. You can adjust it as per your needs, and it is most suited for tackling the problem of frost and mist. However, naturally, it has some drawbacks, like it cannot heat the whole vehicle at once, but its effect is only limited to a short-range. If this is not a problem for you, then you must consider this product.

4. Lasko Heating Space Heater, Compact, Black | Most Quiet

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The Lasko heating space heater is excellent in both providing warmth and being safe to use. There is no assembling required. Just plug in the power cord, and you are good to go. With the small and compact size, it is easy to find a place to keep it. The materials used to make the heater are best-in-class.

It uses a ceramic heating element, which heats up swiftly and is evenly distributed through the fans. This ensures a better heating system and is also energy efficient. You will find the top security features in this heater, including protection from overheating, cool-touch housing and safe ceramic. 

This heater only uses 200 Watts of power. Hence, less operating cost. Moreover, it works without creating any significant noise and lets you enjoy whatever you are doing without disturbance. It is available in four colors, purple, white, black, and blue. The power cord is 6 feet long.


  • Very dependable.
  • Outstanding heat output.
  • Noise-free operation.


  • The temperature cannot be adjusted.


This heater is small in size, but it has an outstanding performance. You can use it continuously for long hours, indicating that it is durable. So if you are looking for a heater that is secure to use and highly secure, this is the most ideal for you. Investing in this product will be the right decision.

5. The Ceramic Insert Type Cigarette Lighter for Automobile 2 and 1 hot Cooling Fan | Most Secure

The Ceramic Insert Type Cigarette Lighter for Automobile

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People love this heater not only because it provides an efficient heating output but also has a robust body. It is manufactured in a way to be dependable and last long. The ceramic element used is the reason behind the quick and proper heat generated. All you need to do is to plug it in the cigarette lighter, and it is ready to use.

Once you start using this portable car heater, you will notice a remarkable difference in the temperature outside and inside the car. This heater will save you a lot of time with its property to defrost fast. Also, one can use it in the summer as it also has a cooling function. 

The base of the heater uses a self-adhesive so that it has a sturdy grip on the surface it is fixed on. You can rotate it a full 360 degrees depending upon the demands of the users. For better security, it has an in-built fuse which switches off the heater in the situation of overheating.


  • Quite durable.
  • Great heating capacity.
  • In-built fuse to ensure safety.


  • Does not give enough value for money.


This is a portable car heater which is recommended by many people. However, it may seem costly compared to other heaters that offer the same features. Nevertheless, the performance of this heater is impressive. If you do not mind spending some extra money in exchange for the durability of the product, then you would find this heater profitable.

6. Car Heater Defroster Portable, Auto Heating & Cooling Thermostat Dual Fan For Car SUV Truck RV Trailer | Best for Big Cars

Car Heater Defroster Portable, Auto Heating & Cooling Thermostat Dual Fan

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If you live in an extremely cold place and need a device that can defrost your car in a matter of a few minutes, then this heater is what you need. This heater is powerful enough to be used in cars and vehicles as big as trailers, SUVs etc. With its mounting feature, you can fix it anywhere in your car. It can defrost and demist the car quickly so that you are never late for work. 

Also, in hot climates, you can switch to natural wind mode when it gets too warm. The stand of the heater can be moved up to 180 degrees. It is effortless to use; just plug it in the cigarette lighter and turn it on whatever setting you want, hot or cold. 

Not only provides the perk of fast heating, ease of use, and mounting, but this portable car heater is also going to save you a lot of money due to its power-saving property. Make sure that the cigarette lighter of your vehicle can provide a power of more than 150 Watt. A lower power supply than this will result in less heat output.


  • Great for quick defrosting.
  • Available at a feasible price. 
  • Can be positioned anywhere in the car.


  • Does not have safety features. 


The above description makes it clear that this is a good option if you want it for warming your car in case of a freezing climate. The cost is appropriate too. However, while using this heater, you need to be careful as it has no in-built fuse or other security systems. In case of overheating, you must turn it off immediately. Otherwise, it is an amazing portable heater for vehicles.

7. De-Icers Fast Heating & Cooling Fan Cars Defogger Plug-in Cigarette Lighter with Suction Holder | Best at Defrosting

De-Icers Fast Heating & Cooling Fan Cars Defogger

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This is a portable heater only suitable for cars and not for more oversized vehicles. The 150 Watt car heater will help you remove frost and ice from the windshield of your car easily and quickly. It is a very lightweight and compact device, which makes it easy for you to store.

To use it all, you need to do is to insert the plugin into the cigarette lighter of your car. However, the power rating of the lighter is greater than 150 Watt for proper heating effects. With the help of the suction holder, you can put it anywhere in your car. 

With this portable car heater now, you do not need to worry about getting late to work due to the time-taking defrost process. Moreover, the stand of the heater can rotate a full 360 degrees to change the direction easily.


  • Quickly get rids of frost from windshields.
  • A suction holder is included in the purchase. 
  • The stand can rotate 360 degrees.


  • May seem overpriced. 


The price of this portable heater for cars is definitely more than it’s worth. However, this does mean that one should overlook the great performance of this heater. If you need a small heater just for removing the frost and ice from your car during the winter season and not for summer, then it is suitable for you.

8. Fast Heating Fan Defroster Demister Car Amplifier Cooling Fans Automotive Replacement Heater for Car SUV Truck Rv Trailer | Best Price

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This versatile portable car heater is packed with a number of features. It is not only useful in the winters but can also be used in the summer in case you need a cold breeze. Simple use of the hot and cold switch to adjust the temperature as per your needs. It has all the features to ensure safety, including anti-voltage, automatic power-off protection and much more. 

You can use this in your car, truck, minibus and other  12 V vehicles. Moreover, it has a clever and modern design. The size is compact so that it can be easily placed anywhere in the vehicle. With the rotatory holder, you can adjust the angle and direction as per the convenience of the user.

It is extremely simple to use. Just plug in the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle. Within minutes of starting the heater, the entire vehicle will be warm. In winters, it is effective in defrosting and demisting


  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Can be used in summers.


  • Not very reliable.


This is a good portable car heater. It is quite simple to use and good at providing warmth to the entire car. Obviously, everything has some flaws. To know whether it is a good product for you or not depends on whether it has the features you require or not. If an affordable price is your priority then this might be the product you are looking for.

Pre Purchase Consideration | Portable Car Heater Buying Guide

Now that you read the brief description of different portable car heaters, let us come to the buying guide.

A buying guide comprises the significant factors which should be kept in mind when purchasing a portable water heater.

This helps you find a product that is most suited for you.

1. Size of the Car

The size of the car is a major factor to check in a portable car heater. Greater the size of the car, the more influential the heater you will require.

Buying a heater that is not capable of heating the entire car will be of no good. Similarly, buying a heater that is too powerful according to the size of the car is just going to increase the expenditure.

2. Cold Climate 

It is no wonder that the car heater required to live in an extremely cold place would be different from the one designed for a lesser cold climate.

The type of portable car heater you buy must be suitable according to the outside temperatures. This way, you will not waste money by purchasing a heater that will not provide sufficient heat when the temperature drops.

3. Energy Efficient

This is an important factor if you want less cost of consumption. If the electric car heaters are not energy efficient, then you would have to pay a large amount for comfort. Hence, energy efficiency is one of the most vital factors of the buying guide. 

4. Operating Noise 

Operating noise can be a real problem with portable car heaters. No one wants to hear the constant buzzing sound while driving. There are many portable car heaters available that work almost silently. Hence, it is crucial that you check whether a heater is noise-free or not before purchasing it.

5. Price 

Many portable car heaters are overpriced. One must remember that an expensive product does not imply that it will give a great performance. It is important to do proper research before coming to a decision.

The price of the heater will also vary depending upon the features you want in it. Comparing different brands which offer the features you need will give you an idea of which product is worth its price.

Why Should One Get a Portable Car Heater?

The most common use of the portable car heaters is removing the frost and ice from the cars and other vehicles. Without a car heater, this process can be tedious and time-taking. 

A car’s heating system is not capable of doing this work efficiently. A car heater is designed in a way to defrost. Hence, this procedure becomes quite simple. Also, the heaters cost significantly less than the heating systems, which you can get through automotive corporations. 

If you live in a cold place and also earn your living by driving a taxi, then a car heater becomes a necessity for you. As a driver, you need to stay out a lot; then, a heater will provide you with a warm and comfortable driving experience. Thus, getting a heater is profitable.

Moreover, most portable car heaters are capable of providing cold air as well. So, as the temperatures increase, you can use these in your cars to get some relief from the humidity and hot atmosphere.

What are the Perks of using a Portable Car Heater?

There are many advantages to using a portable car heater. First, it is a budget-friendly solution to the problem of frosting and fog. As mentioned above, getting an upgrade to your house can be very expensive. Thus, it is usually a better option and preferred by many people. 

In the winters, visibility and cold are two major enemies of driving. A heater is very advantageous in providing warmth inside the car so that you feel comfortable while driving. Also, while you are driving in fog, the windshield tends to foggy, which decreases the visibility. In such a case, the heater can prevent this phenomenon, and you can see it easily while driving.

What are the Various Kinds of Portable Car Heaters?

Basically, there are three types of portable car heaters: radiation convection or a fan-forced. It is hard to understand how these heaters are different from each other. The radiation portable car heaters use infrared radiations to spread the heat. This method is not very effective in heating the whole vehicle but can only work in a small area. 

The fan-forced portable car heaters use a heating element like ceramic, which produces heat and spreads it out using them. These kinds of heaters are capable of distributing heat to the entire vehicle. Also, fan-forced heaters are very lightweight and compact. Thus, it is easier to make space for them. 

The convection of portable car heaters is excellent if you use a small car. These kinds of heaters use oil as the heating element. The cold air moves into the heater and comes out after being heated. This process goes on until the whole car is warm.

What are the Safety Precautions While Using Car Heaters?

One should follow some safety measures while handling car heaters. It is essential because the heating core of the heaters have very high temperatures, up to 600-degree Celcius. In the case of mishandling, fire accidents can happen. 

Hence, it is better to be cautious. Many heaters have their own safety features. However, even in the presence of such features, one should not be careless. It is important not to touch the heaters with bare hands cause not all parts of the heater are heat-resistant. 

Any object which can easily catch fire should be kept away from the heaters like drapes on car windows, showpieces on the dashboard etc. Remember not to keep the heater directly in front of you. There must be considerable space between the user and the heater for proper airflow. Also, sitting too close to the heater affects your health and may make you feel suffocated. 

Do not use the heaters beyond their capacity. Continuously using the heater longer than it is meant to be will overheat it and even cause it to catch fire. Exposing yourself for a very long time to the heaters, you are making yourself vulnerable to burns, dryness of skin, and darkened effect. Consequently, overuse should be avoided.

Which are the Best Portable Car Heaters?

You will find hundreds of heaters in the market. Hence, it becomes confusing which one to choose. According to our opinion, the best two portable car heaters are the car heater 2 in 1 12V 150W and the Upgrade Car Heater by Drtulz. 

The first one is very safe to use while providing a heating output, which is sufficient to warm up the entire car. Also, it can be used in bigger vehicles like minibusses too. While the second is very dependable and gives an impressive performance. However, both of them have some imperfections too, but overall these two selections are among the other best heaters.

The Bottom Line

Portable car heaters are a great way to deal with the cold weather while you are driving to work or anywhere else. After reading the entire article, you must have a clear idea about the 8 top portable car heaters that one can find. We hope that it will help you find the best heater for yourself.

Also, remember to keep in mind the factors mentioned in the buying guide. It will assist you in getting a heater which matches your requirements and is also available at the best price.

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