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Best Pocket Hole Jigs To Buy [2020] | Buying Guide

Woodwork for your office or house can be a little daunting in the absence of proper tools, the right kind of pocket screws, and the knowledge of drilling a hole in the wooden work. To curate a good-quality woodwork project, one will require proper equipment, for example, a pocket hole jigs for the screw with a cap to cover the hole. 

You can use dowels, glue or pocket holes for the screws with insert caps to assemble wooden tables, shelves or any wooden furniture. It is a personal choice and entirely up to you.

The Pocket Hole can be created by drilling a series of holes until it’s formed. However, it is a lot easier to construct a Pocket-Hole through a Pocket hole jig. Undoubtedly, a DIY Pocket Hole jig allows you to get an accurate angle for a good joint in your woodwork. In addition to that, it gives you a chance to make a cleaner and neater appearance as compared to crafting a Pocket-Hole without the jig. 

Kreg K4MS K4 Pocket-hole Jig
The Porter Cable 560 Pocket-hole Jig

Pocket hole joinery, also known as pocket screw joinery is used for drilling a hole at an angle of 15 degrees basically a proper way to “how to drill pocket holes”. It is necessary for joining two woodworks together. The process is generally known as Self-Tapping Screw or Dowling. 

Pocket Hole Jig is plastic and has a metal insert, which is used to insert through the drill hole for a better and cleaner pocket hole. A Jig can be a stationary or portable device, which is clamped into or onto the wooden piece respectively.  

Pocket hole jigs for drilling holes with the help of pocket hole drill bit are quite straightforward and more accessible than the traditional method of dowelling. Indeed, unlike dowelling, these jigs don’t require tedious and precise alignment. 

Now, the problem arises when you wander in search of the best-suited jigs. It is all the more challenging to narrow the list to one particular jig that seems to be just the right manageable size for you. Hence, today we are here with a list of best Pocket hole Jigs. We have curated a list of best jigs along with their reviews and buyer’s guide. So, without further ado, let’s walk through the list.

Fab 5 Pocket Hole Jigs Reviews [2020]

#1 Kreg Jig K5 Pocket Screw Jig [Winner]

Right from the box to its packaging and the equipment, you will appreciate every bit of it. It is one of the recent releases of Pocket hole jig in the Kreg line. That said, K5 brings together all the benefits and expertise of these kinds of jigs available in the market today, which results in top-notch and premium quality. 

Connected to a front mount clamp, Kreg K5 is equipped with a ratcheting clamp handle for stress-free adjustment. The quality of the clamping mechanism is top-notch and durable. As a result, it eliminates the need for an extra tool or lock nut. Besides, the drill guide blocks the attaches with an easy-release pin, which prevents from losing any component. With this pocket hole tool, you also get a swivel dust collection port that can be attached to the vacuum hose to keep the work area clean. 

Kreg K5 has a unique system of removable wings that gives you an additional feature for convenient storage of equipment and accessories. The support wings for holding screws and other accessories attach quite easily even the Kreg screw guide explains it very well. They are made of plastic but seem to be sturdy and reliable.  Kreg K5 can be used on material measuring a ½ inch or 1.1/2 inch thick.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent clamp placement
  • Great Vacuum Port
  • Good clamps
  • Clever storage wings
  • Adjustable workpiece


  • An inside mechanism is a plastic
  • Durable but not reliable
  • Vacuum pot connect doesn’t connect well which can result in detachment during use.

#2 Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System [Best Budget]

Junior is just the right word for this jig. It is small in size, portable and features are minimal. Also, this is a cheap pocket hole jig if we talk about pricing.

The size, of course, makes it more portable. You can take it to the material instead of another way around. Kreg R3 Jr is perfect for novice or beginners. This jig allows the craftsman to create a pocket-hole jig without going through its guide or working procedure. However, what bothers us is that it doesn’t come with a clamp, which requires you to buy it from outside. We are a bit disappointed with that. 

The drill guides are solid metal, but the surrounding body is of plastic. According to the reviews, it is clear that there are chances for the machine to break after a few uses. Yes, it is quite disappointing.

It is an easy-to-use machine, but with cheap quality construction. Kreg R Jr Pocket hole jig can be used for first-timers. They can easily learn the technique of pocket-hole construction. However, it is not for professional use.


  • Makes clean pocket-hole
  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Clamp not included with the kit
  • Cheap surrounding material

#3 Kreg MKJKIT Mini Kreg

Your tight pocket should not hinder you from buying this flawless finish product. Kreg mini MKJKIT is a small size tool that makes it handy and at the same time allows it to fit in areas with small dimensions. 

Kreg mini can work with unlimited material thickness ranging from a ½ inch and more. Moreover, the wood-chip relief hole allows you to continue drilling without having to clean the hole manually. Besides, we are sure you have noticed that the product is fenceless, which makes it more valuable and useful. The fenceless design allows you to calculate precise angles and stock depth adjustment. 

Along with the notable design, Kreg mini comes with a plug –setting feature, which fulfills the purpose of decoratively accenting the pocket hole. Above all, it guarantees you precision by still drilling guide. It allows the bit from defecting whenever it hits the woodwork.


  • Hassel-free adjustment
  • Fits in almost anywhere
  • Extremely affordable and easy on the pocket
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Crisp instructions, easy to follow


  • Not successful for full-time use needs manual construction. 

#4 The Porter-Cable 560

Even though the Porter Cable 560 Pocket hole Jig, at first glance looks intimidating, it actually operates quite easily. 

Portable cable 560 is the first jigs that allow you to drill any wood thickness without changing the lock collar. Once you have set the lock collar in the starting, you place a wooden piece regardless of its size, push down the handle, twist the knob and commence drilling. This product is extremely simple and portable, as says the name. 

In fact, a heavy metal base and construction stabilizes it and is secure for regular use. The base is of the same size as a 2*4. There is definitely no need for measuring and calculating when you are attaching a Portable cable to your workbench. 

The problem arises particularly due to its weight. Its heavy-weight makes it inconvenient for holding it near a wood piece. However, it’s extremely comfortable when attached to your workbench. 


  • Metal construction
  • Minimal adjustments needed
  • Ease only at workbench attachment
  • Above-average design


  • Difficult to handle
  • Extremely heavy
  • Weak holding ½ inch wood 

#5 Kreg jig k4 pocket hole system

In spite of the company’s good quality products and reviews, this product doesn’t deliver what is expected. It works and gets the job done, but it does not give you quality. 

It comes with almost everything – a built-in toggle clamp on the base, a C-clamp for attaching it to the workbench, and a template for the base for making adjustments. It covers almost everything but not all that is required. The bolts required to attach toggle clap to the base are missing. Generally, they come with the machine itself, but here you have to buy them from a local store or market. Therefore, it is not a glitch or an oversight. This is the way they ship it. 

The drilling does not provide a neat and clean hole due to slippage. No matter how much you tighten it, it keeps slipping. This is definitely a huge time waster. We do not recommend this pocket hole jig for novice craftsmen. The machine is nice but has some serious issues.


  • Good C clamp and holding grip
  • Template is good


  • Missing clamp bolts
  • Constant slipping while drilling
  • Case quality is cheap
  • Clamp quality is cheap

How To Use A Pocket Hole Jigs

Buying the best Pocket hole jig for your project is more important than the entire project. It is essential to curate a piece of beautiful wooden furniture and that can only be achieved by hiding the flaws and hiding the joints. 

Pocket-hole allows you to construct a strong joint without having to compromise on your project. Besides, the exceptionally strong joints give you an assurance that your product will stand the test of time and not fall apart. These Pocket-holes allow you to believe that your product is strong and tough while showcasing its beauty.

Things To Consider Before Buying

As a beginner, it’s exceedingly hard to choose the right type of pocket hole jig. Here are some factors, which will allow you to choose the best pocket hole jig or pocket hole kit without having to consult professionals.

1. Built-up and Toughness

Always choose a jig that’s made up of good, durable quality. Despite the fact that bench clamp is not necessary, their durability and strength do matter. This will help to improve the accuracy of the hole while enabling to accommodate think and thin material.

2. Features and Accessories

What exactly are you looking for in a pocket hole jig? When you evaluate your needs as per the project, you’ll be able to find the best product. If you are a professional craftsman, then Jig or jig kit with maximum features and accessories will give you excellent results. However, if you are at a learning or beginner stage, then fewer features wouldn’t make a difference.

3. Maintenance and Easy-to-Use

If you are a professional craftsman, it is essential to invest in a Pocket hole jig or kit that requires low maintenance and is easy-to-use and assemble. The tool should indeed be strong enough to minimize the requirement for cleaning and maintenance. However, a feature like a wood chip relief system is worth mentioning. It cleans the work area and reduces the risk of damaging the material. 

4. How To Make Pocket Holes: Easy or No Adjustments

Through our personal experience, we can say that a professional craftsman should always choose a jig that requires less or zero adjustments. This will save you from spending money on extra tools. It makes the work easier.

5. Brand Value

Brands like Kreg, General tools and Porter-cable find great application in owing to their quality and lifetime warranty provided. Always check the reviews of the brand before buying a pocket hole jig from the market. The Brand name does matter.

Our Verdict

The Pocket hole jigs mentioned above are from some of the best brands present in the market today. They allow you to create a flawless product with minimal efforts. Besides, you don’t have to break a bank to purchase one. They are affordable, easily available and durable. Therefore, once you owe a good, branded Pocket hole Jig or jig kit, you don’t need to worry for a long, long time. 

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