A.C. Troubleshooting- Some Tricks You Need To Know

Each summer presents us with rising temperatures and intolerable heat. The only relief that could be felt is when the air conditioner of the room is working. By this time, when the summers are at the extreme and the AC’s have been working for quite some time, people are sure to encounter some issues with their AC’s. The amount of panic it brings can be witnessed when we desperately call for the servicemen to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. But what if we could fix the issue ourselves? It would be so convenient and time-saving! Listed here are such issues and ac troubleshooting tips and tricks that could be followed by any individual easily.

Common Issues in AC

  • A common problem that might arise is that the condenser might not be working. There could be many reasons for this out of which, some are non-availability of power, the thermostat is set too high, or there could be faults in the motor and/or compressor.
  • Uneven cooling or inadequate cooling is another issue that is commonly experienced.
  • Some people might have also experienced absolutely no cooling at a point of time. A few notable reasons include condenser unit might be dirty or blocked; evaporator might be dirty, less quantity of refrigerant present in system or fault in the compressor.
  • Sometimes, we notice the condenser unit keeps turning on and off repeatedly. It could happen because of the dirt accumulation and blockage in the condenser or when the evaporator is dirty.
  • At times, the ac refuses to turn on and the possible causes for its inactivation could be broken fuse or a blown circuit. There might be an internal switch that is turned off or an improperly set thermostat.
  • Poor airflow can be recorded as one of the most faced problems at home. The causes include either dirty air filters or a blocked /disconnected duct.
  • Many times we notice water leakage from ac or ice formed on refrigerant lines, also caused usually by dirty air filters.

If you experience higher bills than what it normally should be and the need to get your ac repaired time and again; you might be wondering what and how, but the solution is there right in front of you. If the evaporator coil of the ac is frozen and there are issues with the blower or the motor, there is no need to worry, also sometimes it may cause due to heat pumps problems which are not heating properly or sometimes even airconditioner fan not moving accordingly. So this is the time for your AC troubleshoot but the question is how? Don’t worry 

 Just have a look-

Do It Yourself Solutions

  • Rule number 1 that goes without saying is to check the power socket and connection and make sure that it is firm and keep a check of the power cuts of electricity.
  • The breakers that control the air conditioners should be checked whether they are tripped or not.
  • It is very important to check that the HVAC registers that are, the vents that channel air are completely unblocked and clear of any kind of obstructions.
  • For issues related to blower or motor, it is mandatory to check the outside unit. It is advised to clean the area of any cobwebs or debris of leaves and to make sure that any tree or bush might not be coming in the way. The dirt should be rinsed off with a hose.
  • A lot of problems can be solved if the thermostat is working correctly. For this, one must change the batteries if the display isn’t lighting up. One must adjust its setting to ‘auto’ and then to ‘on’ and try setting it at ‘cool’ later and lower it by 5 degrees.
  • There are some switches in the ac system that might be switched off. These are mostly located near the air handler or compressor. One must ensure these are switched on. There is also a water safety switch that prevents water leakage when the drain is clogged. So clearing the drain would help in better functioning of AC.
  • Cleaning the condenser and its coils and straightening the fins is a method.
  • At the main entrance panel, blown fuse or tripped ones and other wires should be examined properly.
  • Try cleaning the evaporator by yourself. You will require equipment like screwdriver, brush, wire, and mirror. Firstly, remove the foil-wrapped insulation and access the plate and unscrew it. Clean the evaporator with a stiff brush and be careful not to bend the pipes. Clean the tray next with bleach and seal any gaps with duct tape.
  • The condensation overflow tray must be inspected for extra water because there are sensors that turn off the ac when excessive water has collected.
  • The blower door that is located on the air handler must be tightly closed.
  • To remove the ice from the coils, turn on the fan so that it melts away.
  • If the refrigerant is not present in the required amount, you would need a professional for that.
  • Cleaning the air filters is the easiest of jobs which will instantly increase the productivity of your AC. Take out the filters and simply rinse the dirt away with clean water.
  • All the ducts in the attic must be connected in proper positions, however, it may be difficult to reach there.
  • Measuring the dropping temperature is one of the ways. You just need to measure the air temperature when it leaves the air handler and subtracts it from the temperature while entering the handler.
  • One can improve the blower’s cooling by replacing the existing motor with a better motor.

Other Tips 

Ensure that the AC’s regular maintenance is performed from time to time and not skipped. To get the maximum cooling at the set temperature, make sure the doors are closed and windows are sealed. There should not remain any gaps from where the air escapes. Also, take care of that the ac in your house is not an undersized unit as it will not be able to efficiently remove heat from the house. By the time it would cool, more heat would make its way into the room.


A basic understanding is all you need to solve your AC related problems. If you are well aware of the parts and the solutions we have provided above, you will find it very easy and it will save you the money you would have otherwise spent on its repair service. It is possible that the given troubleshooting steps are not able to solve the issue and then we would recommend you to call a professional.

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